Visit the website above to learn more about off-campus housing options around the FIU area.

While we hope you have a great rental experience by using our site or any other online housing locators, you must be diligent to ensure that any posting is legitimate. This recent notice from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services details types of scams and how to avoid them. click here

Here is a list of common abbreviations that you should know while you are searching for off-campus housing:

Abbreviation Meaning
A/C Air Conditioning
Bd, Bdr, Bdrm Bedroom
Bldg Building
B or Bth Bathroom
Coed Both males and females live here or use this bathroom
Condo Condominium
Dr, Dinrm Dining room
F, Furn, Furn’d Furnished
Pk, Pkg, Prkg Parking
Yd or Yrd Yard


On-campus Housing

Did you know that living on campus is a wonderful way to make lifelong friendships, be involved on campus and have a little less stress in your life? Imagine getting up, rolling out of bed and literally walking out the door across campus to class or the library. Your entire commute time is just under 5 minutes! Imagine, no traffic jams or hour long commutes to and from school. By staying on campus you can take full advantage of all that FIU has to offer. Go to a movie on campus, a music concert, or hang out with your friends at a football game.

If that doesn’t entice you, did you know living on campus is also a great investment in your future? Studies have shown that students who choose to live on campus are not only more involved and satisfied with their overall college experience, but they also tend to persist and graduate at higher rates than their off campus counter parts. At FIU Housing you will find something for everyone. We hope you consider living with us, and make FIU Housing and Residential Life your home away from home!