Campus Life Mission Statement

The Department of Campus Life aspires to engage students in holistic learning by instilling diversity, leadership and personal development through programs and services. By educating and mentoring students, Campus Life seeks to provide our students an opportunity to make meaningful connections and become leaders in a global community.


The Department of Campus Life provides a variety of programs and services to students and University community. Students’ academic learning is enhanced through their active participation in additional educational opportunities in the areas of leadership development, communication and organizational skills, service, event planning, and evaluation techniques. There are many areas in which students may choose to become involved, including Fraternity & Sorority Life, Homecoming Council, Honors Council, Student Government Council, Multifaith Council, Panther Rage, Student Organizations Council, and Student Programming Council. Professional staff members are available to assist students in pursuing their interests. And remember, we are here to help make your FIU experience as eventful as possible.