The English Language Institute’s online courses have been designed for individuals who want to study English to advance their careers both locally and globally.

Our ten-week, accelerated, online courses range from level 1 (beginning) to level 4 (advanced) and offer a strong foundation in all language  skills while providing students with lively, collaborative, and challenging language exercises and tasks. Those interested in taking these courses will take a placement test and will be placed in one of our four ten-week levels.

Our online courses are offered four times a year: fall, winter, spring, and summer. At the end of each term those individuals who successfully complete their levels will receive a certificate of completion.



Reasons to choose FIU’s ELI online courses:

  • Classes structured in a ten-week format
  • Live access to instructors
  • Relevant content that addresses the needs of international students
  • Coursework that is innovative and challenging
  • Interactive videos simulating real-life situations
  • Flexible coursework
  • Four opportunities for enrollment during the fall, winter, spring, and summer
  • Highly qualified  faculty

Spring 2019

Full Term (14 weeks): January 14, 2019 to April 19, 2019

Summer 2019

Full Term (14 weeks): May 6, 2019 to July 26, 2019

Fall 2019

Full Term (14 weeks): September 9, 2019, 2019 to December 13, 2019


Online Course tuition: $550

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I register and pay for this course?

In order to register and pay, please follow these instructions:

  1. Create a profile in our system using the following link:
  2. Submit the payment of $550 using the following link:
  3. Submit the Registration Form and include the payment information above using the following link:
2. How do you know which level is the right one for me?

You will take a placement test before the actual course begins.  This test will tell you your level.

3. How do I know what exercises to do?

At the start of the course your instructor will provide instructions to guide you to the exercises you have to do.

4. Can I actually see and talk to an instructor on-line?

Yes, during the course your instructor will be available live at three pre-designated times.

5. What platform do you use for this virtual classroom?

FIU uses Blackboard as its virtual classroom.

6. Can I contact my instructor at any time?

Yes, you may submit questions by e-mail.

7. What will the course cover?

The course will cover the following skills: grammar, reading, and vocabulary.