Laura Lamour

Director, English Language Institute, FIU


M.S. Curriculum and Instruction of Modern Languages (with a TESOL tract), FIU
PhD student, Teaching and Learning, FIU

Laura Lamour is originally from the Caribbean Islands, more specifically Guadeloupe, France. At the age of 5, her family moved to Canada, where they lived in Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa, Ontario. After 8 years of the harsh Canadian winter, her family decided to move to Miami, Florida, where the sun is always shining. She has resided here ever since.

She graduated from Florida International University with a bachelor’s and master’s degree. She taught in the public school system for 2 years and then transitioned to the English Language Institute as a graduate student.  She has been teaching there since September 2009 and absolutely loves every minute of it. She has helped developed several online programs, one of them being Reading Plus for all the reading levels.  ELI students have had great success developing their reading skills as a result.

What she loves most aside from teaching is traveling and discovering new places and cultures. One day, Laura hopes to travel the world and learn about the various cultures and traditions.


Phone: 305-348-2196