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English Language Institute

Florida International University
11200 SW 8th Street, Labor Center (LC) 101
Miami, Florida 33199

Telephone: +1-305-348-2222
Fax:            +1-305-348-2959


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Directions & Maps

Directions: On-Campus

01. Enter the university on 112th Avenue and SW 8th Street

02. Turn Right at the Stop

03. Follow the road to the traffic signal.  (The road will curve to the left.)

04. From the intersection you will see the Panther Garage were you can park
and pay $1 per hour.

Note: You may continue until you reach the Labor Center and then go back
and find parking if none is available nearer the building.

05. From the intersection continue forward.  You will see the U.S. Century
Bank Arena on your right, the College of Law on the left, and the
Recreation Center (gym) ahead on the left.

06. Turn left into Parking Lot #8 just next to the Recreation Center.

07. You will see a yellow building on the far side, which is the University Health Services Center.
To the left you will find the Labor Center, which is three floors high and gray.

08. You will find metered parking on the first row of the far side of lot #8.

09. You will be in the back of the Labor Center.  Go through the main door
and exit the other side of the building where you will find the elevator and the stairs.

10. The Registration Office is in Room 101 just across from the elevator.

11. The Administrative Office is on the second floor in Room 204


Campus Map: = Search = LC

Printable Map:

Please know that there is no free parking available at FIU.  All visitors must have a decal or use metered parking.


FIU Phonebook


The Disability Resource Center


Modesto Maidique Campus

Phone: (305) 348- 3532

Fax: (305) 348-3850

11200 SW 8th Street – GC 190

Miami, FL 33199


Biscayne Bay Campus

Phone: (305) 919- 5345

Fax: (305) 919-5345

3000 NW 151st Street – WUC 131

North Miami, FL 33181