Summer 2024

May 6th through July 26th



General Information

Laura Lamour

ELI Director

Reynaldo Ramirez

ELI Registrar

Mark Roldan

ELI Assistant Registrar



Modesto Maidique Campus


11200 SW 8th Street, LC 101,

Miami, FL 33199




305-348-6110 or

2218 or 2493 or 2222

Payment site


Orientation Agenda

  1. Panther ID Number & FIU OneCard, and your FIU E-Mail
  2. Parking Permit Information
  3. Florida Driver License
  4. Payment, Refund, and Transfer Policy
  5. Immigration Regulations & Information for F-1 Students
    • Important Documents
    • Duration of Status (I-94)
    • Dropping Out of Classes
    • Annual Vacation
    • Traveling
    • Employment & Social Security Number
    • F-1 Dependents the F-2
    • First Day of Class
  6. Attendance Policy
  7. Medical Insurance
  8. Calendar
  9. Check List for New Students
1. Panther ID Number, FIU OneCard, Recreation Center (Gym), and FIU E-Mail
  • You should receive your Panther ID Number today and a letter to purchase your FIU OneCard.
  • The OneCard Office is in the Gold Garage PG1-100.
  • Monday – Thursday 8:30 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. / Fridays 8:30 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. / Closed on the weekend.
  • The cost of the ID will be $10 to $15.  

Wellness and Recreation Centers (Gym)

Once you have your OneCard, you may request access to the gym by completing the Gym Access Request Form.  Access is usually available in a day or two.

Note: You must be 18 or over to use the gym.

FIU E-Mail

Your FIU E-Mail and instructions should also be available today during orientation or you may receive it from your instructor next week. 

Note: Once you have your e-mail and change your password you may access the FIU_SECUREWIFI system.

Student Health Center (Clinic)

If you wish to use the Student Health Center (clinic), you may pay the $100 Health Fee directly in their office. You do not need a OneCard for the clinic but you do need a Panther ID number and the letter you used to get your ID card.

2. Parking Permit Information

In order to park your car at the university you must obtain an electronic STUDENT PARKING PERMIT or you may receive an electronic ticket. You may only park in unmarked spaces. Housing parking lots are for cars with housing decals only. For more information please visit the University’s Parking and Transportation Department (https://parking.fiu.edu/) located in the PG 5 – Market Station, 1st Floor (MMC Campus) or call 305-348-3615 (Monday – Fridays) Their hours of operation are as follows: Monday through Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Note: It is recommended that you call (305-348-3615) and inform the office you are an ELI student.  The representative will enter your vehicle information into the system and you can pay by phone with your credit/debit card.  Please let them know that you are in class until April 19th.

If you go in-person, you may need to present the following:

  • Your ELI receipt.
  • Your ELI Parking & Traffic Memo (This is the same letter for your OneCard.)
  • Your Current vehicle registration.
  • Fees: $28.35 for 30 days ($95.13 for one term)
  • All fees are subject to change without notice.

 Information regarding parking spots at FIU

3. Florida Driver License

 Official Requirements for Non-Immigrants

  • Minimum Requirements: Passport, I-20, I-94 Card, and two proofs of residence, such as your cell phone or electricity bill, or your rental agreement.  (Additional documents may be required.)
  • Social Security Number (SSN) Card: As of 2024, F1 students must have a Social Security Number or a letter of ineligibility from the Social Security Administration.  In order to obtain an SSN card, you must have a written job offer from an on-campus employer.
  • If you have your home country or international driver license you should take that with you too. 
  • Your I-20 must be ACTIVE in SEVIS before you can get your license.
  • Please speak to Rey before you apply for your driver license.

 You may need to take the following tests/course:

 1. Hearing

2. Vision

3. Knowledge Exam – 50 multiple choice questions about rules and signs. Driver Licence Handbook

4. Driving Test – You must provide the vehicle.

 5. Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course 

 Resource: DMVOffice.net

4. Payment, Refund, and Transfer Policy


  1. The $150 Application Fee and Course Fee must be paid in full on or before the first day of classes.
  2. Payments are accepted in either: Credit or Check Card, Cashier’s Check / Money Order, or Bank Wire Transfer (No Cash or Personal Checks are accepted)
  3. The $150 Application Fee in nonrefundable and nontransferable.


  1. The $150 Application Fee is nonrefundable.
  2. In order to request a refund of your payment for a Course, you must:
    • submit a request in writing to officially cancel your Course, and
    • ELI must receive your written request for refund of the Course Fee on or before the fifth day after the program begins.
  3. If the request for refund is approved by ELI, the refund will be for 80% of the Course Fee.
  4. No refund will be made for a Course that is cancelled after the fifth day the program begins.


  1. The $150 Application Fee is nontransferable.
  2. You may only request a transfer of the Course Fee to cover a Course Fee at ELI for the following semester and not beyond. In order to request a transfer of the Course Fee you must:
    • submit a request in writing,
    • ELI must receive your written request for transfer of the Course Fee on or before the end of the second week of classes in the seven week program or on or before the end of the third week of classes in the 14 week program,  and
    • you must provide ELI with a valid reason for requesting a transfer of the Course Fee.
  3. Transfers of Course Fees are made at the discretion of the Director and the Registrar of ELI.
  4.  No transfer request will be approved after the second week of classes in the seven week program, or the third week of classes in the 14 week program.


  1. You must submit any cancellations, refund requests, and transfer requests in writing to the ELI Registrar. Failure to submit the cancellation, refund request, or transfer request in a timely manner waives any claims you may have had for a refund or transfer of Course Fees.
  2. ELI will not schedule make up classes or refund any of the fees related to classes that are cancelled by ELI due to emergencies or for weather related reasons.
5. Immigration Regulations; Information for F-1 Students

USCIS= United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

SEVIS= Student & Exchange Visitor Information System

Important Documents & Requirements

1.   I-20 Form:
a. Must be signed on the first page by the Designated School Official and the student.
b. Must be signed on the second page by the school official when leaving the U.S. for a short trip and returning to class. The signature is valid for one year from the date indicated.

2.  Passport:
a. Must be valid at least 6 months when entering the U.S.
b. Must have a valid F-1 visa to enter the U.S.

3. I-94 Card (F1 – International Students – Printed Online at the I-94 website):
a. Expiration date must indicate “D/S”, and must not have an actual date. (Please see below.)

4. US Permanent Residents and Citizens, and other classifications (Political Asylum, Work visa) are required to have a copy of their documents in their student file.

5. It is MANDATORY for F1 students to report any changes to their information within 10 days of the occurrence.
Examples: Changes of address, e-mail, name (in case of marriage), current status (if applying to Immigration), sponsorship and so on.

How SEVIS (Student Exchange Visitor Information System) Works – A General Overview

SEVIS is a partly automated system, which requires regular information updates by Designated School Officials. The system is setup to track/monitor international students.

  1. An I-20 is created for a student. The record is in INITIAL status.
  2. When the student starts classes the record is set to ACTIVE status.
  3. The end date of the current semester and the start date of the next semester is indicated in SEVIS.
  4. From the first day of class until the beginning of the next semester the student is ACTIVE and IN STATUS (legal) this includes the break between terms.
  5. If the student drops below the minimum number of classes (18 hours per week) or if the student stops attending without authorization from ELI the student is OUT OF STATUS and the I-20 will be set to TERMINATED status.
  6. If the student’s I-20 is TERMINATED he/she has two options.
    •  Leave the U.S. within 15 days (The student may reenter the U.S. with a new INITIAL I-20 in order to “restart” his/her status.)
    • Apply for a REINSTATEMENT (Submit documents to USCIS to request forgiveness for falling out of status.)
  7. A student that is planning on not registering for a semester must notify the ELI Registrar in writing before the start of the term or the student’s I-20 may be TERMINATED. 
  8. Any student’s I-20 that is not ACTIVATED is AUTO-TERMINATED by SEVIS.
  9. Numbers 2 through 5 are repeated every semester.

Duration of Status (I-94 Card) & Termination of I-20 Form (Illegal in the U.S.)

  1. Definition: The time during which an F-1 student is pursuing a full course of study at an educational institution approved by the Service for attendance by foreign students. (8 CFR 214.2(f)(5)).
  2. Your status will remain active for as long as you continue your studies and the school keeps your I-20 form active, which means you must be enrolled in a full time program or be on authorized vacation.
  3. If you fail to maintain status your I-20 record will be TERMINATED.
    TERMINATED students are given 15 days to leave the U.S. or they must apply for a reinstatement.

Dropping Out of Classes or Being Dropped Because of Poor Attendance

  1. A student who stops attending classes without authorization will be dropped out of class.
  2. Students who drop below 18 hours of class per week will also drop out of status and will be TERMINATED in SEVIS.
  3. TERMINATED students are given 15 days to leave the U.S. or they must apply for a reinstatement.

Annual Vacation (Staying in the U.S. and Not Studying)

  1. An F-1 student at an academic institution is considered to be in status during the annual vacation if the student is eligible and intends to register for the next term.
  2.  A student may request academic vacation after he/she completes one academic year, which is two consecutive terms, which is typically, but not limited to, fall and spring.  The request must be submitted by e-mail to the ELI Registrar prior to the start of the requested term.

Traveling (Outside of the U.S.)

  1. Your passport must be valid for at least six months upon your return to the U.S.
  2. You F1 visa must be valid when entering the U.S.
  3. Your I-20 form must be signed on page 2 by the Designated School Official.
  4. That signature is valid for one year from the date listed.
  5. You must check in with the Designated School Official every term, before leaving the U.S. (SPEAK TO REY BEFORE YOU TRAVEL.)

Employment / Social Security Number (SSN)

  1. International students at the English Language Institute are allowed to work PART TIME (no more than 20 hours per week) and ON-CAMPUS ONLY.
  2. In order to obtain a SSN, you must
    a. have a written job offer from an authorized on-campus employer.
    b. have an employment authorization letter from ELI.
  3. Unauthorized work on or off campus will result in losing your F-1 status. It is against the law to work without valid work authorization.
  4. Work hours CANNOT conflict with your school schedule.

F-1 Dependent the F-2

  1. Any F-1 dependent classified as F-2 must have a dependent I-20 form.
  2. The primary F-1 student must request an F-2 I-20, and submit the required financial documents.
  3. F-2 visa holders can engage in part-time study. If F-2 holders wish to study full time, they must apply for an F-1 visa or a Change of Status to F-1.
  4. Employment: The F-2 spouse and children of an F-1 student may not accept employment.

First Day of Class

  • Finish Registration: Pay Tuition, Pay Health Insurance, Submit Signed Policies, and Show Proof of Immunization

NOTE: Students who are not registered and paid in full by the first day of class will be dropped from the program at the end of the first week of classes.

6. The ELI Attendance Policy

Unexcused Absence(s)

  • If you are absent 10 days, you will receive an attendance warning.
  • If you are absent 12 days, you must speak to the Director about your problem.
  • If you are absent 14 days, you will have to repeat the course.
  • If you are absent more than 14 days, you must bring an excuse for each day after your 14th absence. You must bring your valid excuse within 3 days after you return to class. If you do not bring a valid excuse for any day(s) after your 14th absence, your I-20 will be terminated, and you will be out of status. Your SEVIS record will show that your I-20 has been terminated.
  • For every unexcused absence two (2) points will be deducted from your final grade.


  • If you come to class 10 minutes after the class has begun, you will be counted as absent.
  • If you are late to class 3 times, you will be counted as absent for 1 class.
  • If you walk out of class, you have 10 minutes to come back. If you don’t, you will be counted as absent.

Excused Absence(s)

  • You must show proof that your absence was valid.
  • You must notify your instructor, orally and in writing, of your absence. Ask your instructor for an excused absence form.

Note:   Your attendance must stay above 80% in order for you to continue studying in the United States and at the ELI.

7. Medical Insurance

Coverage:  In general, your insurance will pay up to 80% of expenses up to $5,000 and 100% after that in cases of emergencies or sicknesses ONLY. You are responsible for the first US$100 of your medical bill and for 20% of the remaining fees. Note: You may print out an insurance card directly from the online site. When to use it:  ONLY if you are sick and need to see a doctor. If you are not sick, you cannot use this insurance. Doctor’s visits: You are responsible for the first $100. 


Miami Children’s Hospital 3100 S.W. 62nd Avenue Miami, FL 33155 Telephone: 305-666-6511

Baptist Hospital   8900 North Kendall Drive Miami, FL 33176 Telephone: 305-596-1960

South Miami Hospital 6200 S.W. 73rd Street South Miami, FL 33143 Telephone: 305-661-4611

Coral Gables Hospital  3100 South Douglas Road Coral Gables, FL 33134 Telephone: 305-445-8461

Kendall Regional Medical Center 11750 S.W. 40th Street Miami, FL 33175 Telephone: 305-223-3000

Note: This information can change without notice. Please consult the insurance company and/or the hospital before requesting service.

8. Dates to Remember

Summer 2024

FULL TERM (12 weeks)

Testing date: April 29, 2024
First day of class: May 6, 2024
80% refund date: May 10, 2024
Last day of class (full-term): July 26, 2024

Half-term 1 (6 weeks)

Testing date: April 29, 2024
First day of class: May 6, 2024
80% refund date: May 10, 2024
Last day of class (half-term 1): June 14, 2024

Half-term 2 (6 weeks)

Testing date: June 10, 2024
First day of class: June 17, 2024
80% refund date: June 21, 2024
Last day of class (half-term 2): July 26, 2024

FIU Holiday Closures

Monday, May 27th     = Memorial Day
Thursday, July 4th     = Independence Day



*Available for students in levels 3 (intermediate) or higher. Students enrolled in the second half will join the course in progress. 
9. Check List for New Students

Please use this list to keep track of the registration process. If all items are checked, then you have completed registration and are ready to be tested and/or start classes. If any information is missing, please contact the Registration Office.

You can download it by clicking on the following link: Checklist for new students


___ 1. Tuition & Fees

Medical Documents 

___ 2. Insurance (International Students Only)

___ 3. Immunization (MMR = measles, mumps, & rubella)

Immigration Documents

___ 4. Copies =         Proof of Citizenship, Residency, or Legal Status

F1 Students = Passport, Visa, I-20 & I-94

Information Documents

___ 5.  Student & Emergency Contact Sheet
___ 6.  Payment, Refund, and Transfer Policy
___ 7. Attendance Policy – English or Native Language
___ 8. ELI Policy of Requirements for Starting Classes
___ 9. Digital Picture – JPG Format (send to elireg@fiu.edu )

Have a great semester!