Housing available!

Classes, friends, food, and events at your doorstep.

FIU Housing is the real college experience.
Student housing community is vibrant and bustling with 3,200 students who live, work and play surrounded by FIU’s lush, expansive campus. Not only is it the safer choice, but on-campus housing is an environment dedicated to meeting all students’ needs.

SUMMER (May 2020)

Housing Options: University Towers
Price: $2,940 per semester
Deadline: End of April
Private Bedroom (Four Bedroom Apartment)

FALL (September 2020)

Housing Options: Everglades Hall
Price: $3,850 per semester
Deadline: Beginning of August
Private Bedroom (Three Bedroom Apartment)

SPRING (January 2021)

Housing Options: Everglades Hall
Price: $3,850 per semester
Deadline: December 2020
Private Bedroom (Three Bedroom Apartment)

For more information, please visit FIU Housing and Residential Life.

  • FIU Housing is now available on a first-come, first-served basis to all ELI students
  • In order to place a request for on-campus housing, please fill out the ELI registration form and complete the Housing Request section
  • Housing is only available to students who are at least 18 years old
  • Students requesting housing will need to pay the $20 ELI Housing Processing Fee by visiting our payment site

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